Advanced Project #2


For my next advanced project, I decided to create another flash video. I am going to animate a stick figure kicking someone. I will learn how to animate other actions besides talking.



  • Get image(s) off of Google images
  • Edit image(s) in Photoshop before animating it
  • Animate images



  • C-9.3: Create a storyboard
  • C-9.6: Use software to create animation
  • C-9.9: Test animations
  • C-9.4:  Pose characters
  •  C-9.2: Recognize types of animation (frame-based, vector, rollover, morphing, 3-D, virtual reality)



This resource reminded me on how to animate something in adobe flash and tells you how to animate something.





What I learned:

I learned how to animate someone kicking something. I solved a problem by going back and re-editing certain images in Photoshop and animating that instead.

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